Effective talking therapies.....

I offer CBT based sessions and integrative  counselling therapy. Face to face , by Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp



Counselling or CBT are effective ways to address mental and emotional distress in order to make changes and achieve recovery, for a  happier, more fulfilling life.


I work from a counselling room in Romford and serve all surrounding areas in Havering and Essex,( Upminster, Hornchurch, Chadwell, Health, Ilford, Collier Row, Elm Park, Rainham, Brentwood, Harold wood) I also offer psychotherapy & Counselling via Whatsapp and telephone for East London, Newham, Olympic Park, Stratford.


So if you are:


  • Struggling with  low mood, or depression

  • Feeling lost or lonely you in your life?

  • Feeling that work or studies are overwhelming you

  • Experiencing incredible sadness, grief and pain for the loss of someone you loved from a relationship breakup or bereavement.

  • Experiencing high anxiety that  is triggered by particular situations  or people

  • Feeling generally stressed out or on edge

  • Looking for  someone  to talk through your emotional past or current events

  • Having issues with  close  relationships and work colleagues

  • Feeling overwhelmed with worry, endless responsibility, or  a continuous stressful list of " to do's"

  • Going through a divorce

  • Feeling worthless,  or of no value

  • Driven to achieving high standards that you are  making you feel unwell

  • Unable to voice to your feelings or emotions

  • Suffering panic attacks

  • Feeling unable to go far from home or avoiding leaving your home

  • Struggling from Trauma, including Birth-trauma, miscarriage and stillbirth

  •  Dealing with OCD

  • Coming to terms with "life-transitions"

  • Needing support with LGBT, non -binary, gender-fluid and "trans" issues

  •  Need to break free from Addictions


Then please contact me. I offer a 15 minute free informal first telephone contact with no obligations. I know, these first steps can be daunting, but once you make that call, most fears can be alleviated and a  way to  move forward can be discussed.


When getting in touch with me via phone, text or mail just mention you would like to book a

( free initial conversation).


I have a wealth of experience with many life issues and specialise in working with clients around relationship issues, bereavement, chronic illnesses such as diabetes and support for parents and couples experiencing problems with family life issues and child behaviour.
As well as private practice, I also work part-time for the NHS, 
I have experience in domestic situations including, separation, divorce, domestic violence and abuse including verbal abuse and domestic bullying. as well as general anxiety and stress troubles 


I offer affordable counselling and specialist support for diabetics and their families. 

I use philosophy and previous studies to work holistically with clients if required; in areas of self-development, self-esteem and self-worth. I can also work with you on a psychodynamic level using various esoteric tools to aid insightfulness and a deeper meaning to one's life.


I Look forward to hearing from you.  Lesley





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Ashleigh Barron

2 reviews *****

2 days ago  NEW

Lesley is amazing, she's been an invaluable support to me throughout my treatment for anxiety and panic disorder, and she continues to be now with all the tools she taught me that I use in my daily life.
I've never met a more lovely, caring and understanding person who genuinely wants the best for you. I had many ups and downs and Lesley never lost faith in me, I'd like to thank you deeply for all of your help and support I don't know where I'd be now if it wasn't for you.